Hyundai unveils a $6 million sedan based on the Dodge Viper SRT-8: ‘Hyundai is just the start’

Hyundai, the world’s second-largest carmaker by sales, is unveiling a new sedan to compete with rivals like Cadillac and Ford.

The South Korean automaker will build the SRT8, a four-door sedan based upon the Dodge Caravan, a midsize crossover designed by former General Motors CEO and current Chrysler CEO Carl W. Dodge.

The SRT, which Hyundai calls “the world’s first truly midsize SUV,” will debut at the North American International Auto Show next week.

The automaker’s new flagship sedan will be called the S, which stands for “sporty.”

“The Dodge Viper is the ultimate in modern styling,” said Hyundai chief marketing officer Dan Osterman, according to a statement.

“The Dodge Caravans are synonymous with sporty styling, and we’ve been pushing the envelope with the new Dodge Viper.

We’ve created the S.”

The S has a six-passenger layout with a four door.

It will feature an eight-speed automatic transmission, an all-wheel drive system, and a six seat configuration.

The car will also feature Hyundai’s Dynamic Ride Assist system, which will detect the driver’s position in real time and automatically adjust the steering and braking to suit the driver.

The company says the S will have a top speed of over 100 mph and top-end fuel economy of 24 mpg city and 38 mpg highway.

The Viper S will go on sale in 2019.

Hyundai’s other new SUV is the Camry, a luxury crossover designed in conjunction with Chrysler.

It features a four doors, a 3.8-liter turbocharged engine, a six seating configuration, and the Camaro’s optional 7-speed manual transmission.

It comes with a 6.2-liter V6 diesel engine that produces 265 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque.

The Camry’s launch date is yet to be determined.

Hyde has previously said the S is its best-selling vehicle yet, and it plans to unveil an SUV for the 2019 model year in 2019, but that it may introduce two new SUVs for that year.

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