Which automakers are the most likely to go public next year?

ESPN Crikey reporters John Vogl and David Dolan discuss which automakers are most likely, as of next year, to go private.

Here’s a look at the three most likely:Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, has been under scrutiny since last year when it came under fire for allegedly manipulating the stock price of its biggest rival, Snap Inc. and selling products under the guise of a partnership.

Alibaba was one of the largest shareholders of Snap and was also a major shareholder in Uber Technologies Inc.

The company had been facing scrutiny over the past few years for its role in manipulating the price of stock in the online transportation startup.

But the company is no longer the subject of the probe.

Alibaba has been hit with a lawsuit alleging that it engaged in price-fixing, and it was also found to have engaged in illegal conduct in its acquisition of rival ride-hailing app Didi Chuxing last year.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is also under scrutiny after its acquisition bid for Google Fiber ended in a tie-up with AT&T Inc. In May, Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt was seen at a Google executive meeting.

Schmidt’s former boss, former Google Chairman Sergey Brin, is currently the chairman of Alphabet.

The company is also facing allegations of being an illegal monopoly and antitrust violations.

Tesla Motors Inc., the largest U.S. automaker, has had a difficult time in recent years, and analysts are looking to the company to go through a similar restructuring.

But Tesla has been facing criticism since the acquisition of SolarCity Corp. and the subsequent stock sell-off that followed.

Tesla is also now facing questions regarding its acquisition efforts, after it was revealed that SolarCity’s stock price dropped after Tesla bought the solar panel manufacturer.

Tesla has also been accused of not complying with environmental standards when it sold its solar power business to SolarCity.

Tesla is also looking to go forward with the SolarCity deal after it received a $3.9 billion investment.

Tesla was also hit with scrutiny after it lost its bid for SolarCity to SolarWinds.

SolarWind is a solar panel installer based in Arizona and was one the first companies to offer customers a choice of two solar energy products at the same time.

Solarwinds was the only company in the market that offered the product at a price that could compete with the $2,500 solar panels sold by Tesla.

Tesla has also had an uphill battle to win back its stock after its initial public offering in 2017, when investors were told that the company had lost over half its market value.

However, Tesla has maintained its market valuation and is now one of Tesla’s largest investors.

Tesla’s stock is down over 30% this year compared to a year ago, as it struggles to regain market share.

The Tesla stock price has fallen more than $5 billion this year, and there are concerns that the price drop could hurt Tesla’s ability to continue to generate revenue.

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