FourFour two: ‘I’m not interested’ in buying a Tesla

Three cars have already arrived for a man from California, who wants to drive a Tesla but is hesitant to pay for one.

FourFour has spoken to the man, who has no children and wants to become an automaker, in the hope that it will lead him to buy an affordable vehicle.

FourFour has chosen to keep the identity of the man a secret.

The man, a Californian, bought a Tesla car for $80,000 in March.

“I want to own something I can afford,” he told FourFour.

He said he is keen to get started on the Model 3.

However, the man also said he has a lot of questions about the Model S and Model X. His biggest fear is the fact that it won’t be a car he can afford, he said.

I don’t think I’ll be able to afford a Model 3,” he said, but added: “I’m going to try to buy one in the future.

“A friend of the Musk family, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, also contacted FourFour to ask about his desire to buy a Tesla.

As well as a Tesla, the friend said he also wanted to buy two other vehicles, a BMW X5 and a Ford Mustang GT.

But he said he was reluctant to pay the high price tag.

I want to drive it and drive it well,” he says. “

[The Model 3] is going to be something special.

I want to drive it and drive it well,” he says.

There are three options: a Model S, a Model X or a Tesla Model III.

For those interested in a Tesla or a Ford, there are a number of online car clubs that offer discounts.

In the case of the Tesla, there is the group Model S Club, which has offered discounts for several months.

While the Model X and the Model III offer similar price tags, the Model V offers a larger battery pack.

Tesla is planning to make a Model V available in late 2017, and it will be priced significantly higher than the Model Y, which is currently priced at around $180,000.

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