‘No More Trump’ campaign: Sanders supporters want Sanders to run for president again

Sanders supporters are increasingly calling for Sanders to again run for the presidency.

The Sanders campaign on Monday issued a statement on Facebook saying Sanders would be “honored” to run again.

Sanders is running for president for the third time in his first four years.

Sanders said he will run again as a candidate for president in 2020 and called on supporters to “come together” and fight for progressive policies.

“As a candidate who has been a strong voice for working families and fighting for the middle class, I will continue to fight for social, economic, racial and environmental justice.

I look forward to working with the millions of Americans who want to work together to elect the next president of the United States,” Sanders said.

Sanders’ statement follows another announcement that he is running again in 2020.

He also announced a new Super PAC that will support his bid for president.

The PAC, called Ready for Bernie, will have a campaign staff and will also focus on issues like gun violence, income inequality and health care.

The Super PAC will be led by Sanders’ son, Sen. Jeff, a Democratic congressman from Vermont.

Sanders won’t formally announce his 2020 bid until March 1.

The senator’s wife, Jane, announced in February that she is running.

She is the first woman to run a presidential campaign and she is the only woman to have won the Democratic nomination for president by a landslide.

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