Which cities are getting the best rental car?

The rental car market is getting crowded, and with it, a lot of competition.

Here’s a look at the hottest cities in Canada.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada A big-city hub that has seen the birth of a new industry, the rental car industry is still relatively new in its early days.

There are now about 50 companies in the rental business.

But with the introduction of new vehicles in recent years, demand is skyrocketing.

It’s a trend that will likely continue.

There is now a rental market in Vancouver with over 400 rental companies.

Rentals are also available for hire in a number of other major cities.

For example, rental car service Avis, which is based in Vancouver, operates in Edmonton and Calgary.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada An industrial city in the northwest corner of Canada, Toronto is a popular place to live and work.

There’s also plenty of space for those seeking a quieter life in a city with plenty of public transportation.


Vancouver Island, British Colombia A popular vacation destination with beaches, the capital of British Colombia has been attracting a lot more visitors to its beaches than other cities in the Caribbean.

And with the emergence of the “Vancouver-to-Vancouver” service, many are heading to Vancouver Island to rent cars there.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada The city of Montreal has seen an increase in its rental car business over the last year, especially with the recent introduction of a “Vicinity” service that offers transportation for residents and visitors alike.

It offers up to 15 hours of transportation per day, which can include public transit, ferry rides and shuttle buses.


Halifax, Nova Scotia Halifax is a small city on the coast, but it has an extensive rental car and bus service.

The service is available in all parts of the city, with an additional five-day rental available to those who can show proof of residency.


Fredericton, New Brunswick A growing rental car scene in Frederictons area has seen a dramatic increase in the last couple of years, with rental cars now accounting for half of all vehicle purchases in the city.


Toronto Ontario, Ontario A big city with many attractions, including a major airport and a lot to do, it’s hard to beat the fact that Toronto is home to the world-famous Toronto Eaton Centre, one of the most popular shopping centres in the world.


Montreal Quebec, Quebec The city is also home to a growing number of rental car companies, with more than 200 currently operating in the Montreal area.


Toronto York Region, Ontario Ontario’s biggest city, and the only one in North America to be a hub for global tech companies, the area is also a big destination for rental cars.


Toronto Greater Toronto Area, Ontario The area has a large population and a growing rental market, which makes it a prime location for rental vehicles.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Edmonton, located near the northern border of the province, is one of Canada’s largest cities and has seen significant growth in rental car demand in recent months.

The number of rentals in the area has risen to more than 2,000, with a total of more than 1,600 vehicles on the road.


Vancouver British Columbia A large city with a long history of tourism and a reputation for great food, Vancouver is a hot rental market.

There have been reports of luxury rental vehicles being spotted cruising through the city’s parks and on Vancouver Island.


Toronto Toronto, ON, Canada Toronto’s largest city, Toronto has become a popular destination for renters.

Its most recent rental market was up to 1,000 vehicles per day in February, with many rental companies operating out of major shopping malls.


Halifax Halifax, NS, Canada Halifax has seen its rental market expand over the past couple of months, as more and more people are looking to rent vehicles.


Halifax FrederictON, NB, Canada Frederictonton is a major shopping centre with the most prestigious shopping districts in the country.


Winnipeg Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Winnipeg is a vibrant city in Winnipeg’s North Shore, with its downtown core full of businesses and residents.

With the city also having its first fully autonomous vehicles in operation, the region is one for which the rental market is in high demand.


Frederiction Quebec, Québec A city with one of Quebec’s most prominent cities, the Quebec City metro area is home for many of the world’s top brands.


Ottawa, Ontario Ottawa, a large city of about 15,000 people, has seen strong growth in the number of companies offering services such as leasing and purchasing.


Halifax Montreal, Québécois A large and growing rental area in the east of Canada with a diverse population, Halifax is known for its diverse culture and strong sense of community.


Toronto Mississauga, Ontario Toronto’s biggest market, with about 30

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