Calgarians support plan to curb traffic, pollution but oppose plans to make it a $2.50 a gallon standard

CAIRO — Calgarias citizens have voted overwhelmingly to approve a plan to limit traffic and pollution, but they’re not willing to make a $1.50 gasoline price a standard.

The vote on Tuesday is the first time the Calgaria-Alameda County Transportation Commission has passed a transportation policy that would set a standard for the price of gasoline.

It would be the first California city to set a price for gasoline since it adopted the California Environmental Quality Act in 1996.

Calgaris transportation commission has not voted on a price since 2001.

Calgarian John Burt said he was happy with the vote because it showed Calgarans support for reducing traffic and making it a standard across the state.

“We have a lot of people who are very upset about this, and I think they’re right,” Burt, a Calgarians transportation commissioner, said Tuesday.

He said he is disappointed that the commission voted against raising the price to $2 a gallon, which he said is about $300 more than the $1 a gallon he believes should be the standard.

“I think they want to do what they can to keep traffic moving and not have the people driving in the city driving for a much higher price than they are,” Birt said.

The price increase would be paid for by reducing the amount of cars on the road and limiting the number of drivers.

It would also have to be approved by the Calgarias Public Utilities Commission.

A $2-per-gallon standard would be a major win for residents, who have long lobbied to get it passed.

But it would be opposed by many of the county’s businesses and some of the city’s residents.

One of the key points of the proposal was to create a “fair market” for gasoline.

A number of cities, such as Los Angeles and Houston, already have set a limit on how much they charge.

This is not a standard that Calgaras can afford, said John Rizzo, the city council member for Santa Rosa.

In California, which ranks 29th in terms of the percentage of residents living in poverty, the average family earns $36,000 a year.

That’s more than $4,000 more than California averages.

If you can’t afford to buy a gallon of gas, then you should not drive in the state, Rizzoo said.

He said he opposes a price that is too high.

There is also a perception that people who live in the urban areas are more expensive than the rural areas.

That perception is not true, Rizos said.

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