Toyota’s new car-selling service: Toyota wants to help drivers find parking spots

Toyota wants drivers to use its self-driving car-sharing service, Toyota Autonomous Parking, to find parking places in order to earn a living, a source familiar with the matter said.

Toyota said in March it was expanding the program to its larger fleet of cars and trucks, and is now looking for more car-sales employees.

Toyota has a new parking service called AutoShare, which allows customers to request parking for their cars, Toyota said.

Customers can request parking within an hour, and it costs $5 to request a spot, the source said.

For its service, the company is seeking 10 to 15 employees, including a chief financial officer, a chief operations officer and a director of operations.

The company said that it is also seeking a software developer to help with the process.

In the future, Toyota plans to expand the program into its larger and more sophisticated fleet of vehicles, the same source said, and the company will look for more employees to help it do so.

In addition to self-parking, Toyota is also working on a self-tracking system that could provide information about a vehicle’s location, such as where it parked itself.

The system would allow Toyota to provide more accurate location information to its owners and drivers, the sources said.

The sources also said Toyota was considering adding more features to the service, such a “passenger alert system” and a “bicycle alert system.”

The sources declined to name the company that was looking for employees.

Toyota is also exploring how to integrate the self-Parking system with other services such as Toyota Drive and Toyota’s “smart” transportation apps, the information said. 

Toyota said last week that it was acquiring Uber for $680 million in cash, and also plans to acquire Cruise Automation, a ride-hailing service.

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