When you can’t beat a Porsche, go for a BMW

AUTOMOTIVE INSPECTION Italia has a reputation for making some of the best and most expensive automobiles in the world, but one of its most prized possessions is an automobile it sells under a number of names.

The company owns two vehicles that are often described as the “ultimate car” by automotive journalists: the Audi A6 and the BMW 7 Series.

They have become so coveted by buyers that they have spawned a separate company to represent the two brands.

Italia also makes a number on the luxury side, with the Porsche and the Aston Martin DB4, but that company also sells luxury vehicles under different brands.

For example, the Audi Eau Rouge is one of the most expensive cars in the World.

It costs around $300,000, making it the third most expensive luxury car in the U.S., behind the $400,000 Lexus ES 300 and the $450,000 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4.

In an effort to keep its luxury cars out of the spotlight, italia has put them in the hands of a select group of enthusiasts who have the right qualifications and are willing to pay a premium for them.

“We don’t sell vehicles that we don’t really want,” said Andrea Lago, vice president of business development for the luxury brand.

“Italia is a brand that people want, and the brand is very well known.

They’re very good at it.”

Lagos said he doesn’t believe that the luxury brands that are so popular in the United States and Europe are necessarily as good or as safe as the cars they sell in Italy.

They are built to withstand certain weather conditions and the kind of handling problems they often face in the car.

“The Audi A7 is more of a sports car, so we don’ want to risk it being in a hot weather and that would cause it to fail,” Lago said.

“There’s a risk with luxury vehicles.

They come in a few different versions and we have to be very careful in terms of the quality of the components that we use.”

Lago said that it’s difficult to know exactly how much it costs to own a luxury car, and that some models sell for far more than they cost to buy.

In addition, some luxury cars are sold for as much as $50,000.

The A6 was sold for about $300 million, which is more than $1 million less than the previous model.

Lago also said that some of these luxury cars have never been driven.

Lagos is not alone in his thinking.

BMW, which has been producing luxury vehicles for the past 50 years, said in a statement that it is “confident that the Audi brand is among the most desirable in the luxury car segment and that we are able to offer our customers the best value in our product line.”

The Audi is one example of an automobile that has been around for decades.

In 1965, the company’s first model, the A6, was introduced.

The car had a four-cylinder engine, a rear-wheel drive system, a manual transmission, a front fascia, a folding rear seat, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a five-speed manual transmission.

It was sold to the American public in 1967.

In 2000, Audi introduced the A4, a two-seat hatchback that offered the same powertrain, steering and interior features as the previous A6.

The last of these models was sold in 2011.

The Audi is the most successful of the luxury models that Italia sells.

In 2014, the luxury group bought a large number of classic models from Audi, including the M3 and the M4.

Audi is a leading luxury brand in the automotive industry, and it has been selling a large range of cars in different models, starting with the M5, and going on to the M8, the M9, the all-new M10 and the all new M12.

Audi has sold more than 100 million luxury cars since it was founded in 1928.

The luxury brand is one part of a broader strategy by Italia to diversify its portfolio of vehicles.

In the past, it has focused on selling sports cars, but in the last several years, it also has expanded into luxury vehicles like the A7 and A8.

In 2015, it unveiled the new A8 and A9 models.

In a statement, Audi said it believes that luxury cars can be a source of pride and that it has done its best to create a rich experience for its customers.

“Our goal is to provide the perfect experience for our customers, and we know that we will continue to be able to do so, thanks to our dedicated team of engineers and designers,” it said.

“We continue to invest heavily in the development of new models in the A class and in the evolution of our brand.”

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