Auto insurance premium: A chart for 2018

Auto insurance premiums have been steadily rising in India in recent years.

With rising premiums, a lot of drivers in the country are looking for cheaper and better options.

But in some areas, the premium for auto insurance has not kept pace with the increase in traffic.

The latest data shows that the premium in India is at its highest in 2017-18.

Here’s a chart for auto premiums in 2017:Auto insurance rates have gone up every year in India since 2009.

This year, it has gone up the most in all the states and Union Territories in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

This is due to a combination of two factors.

The first is that the government has made some changes to the formula of the auto insurance premium.

Under the old formula, a vehicle owner was only required to pay Rs 100 in premiums for an insured vehicle.

Under this new formula, the owner of a vehicle must pay Rs. 5,000 for a car, and Rs. 10,000 on a truck.

In other words, the amount of premium on a vehicle has increased by Rs. 1,000.

But the vehicle insurance premium is only calculated once every six years, which is not the case with the new formula.

The second factor is that auto insurance premiums are not regulated as per the norms and norms can change in a short time.

For example, the new rules on the liability of a driver are expected to be in place by September 2019, while auto insurance policies are expected by September 2020.

In terms of the total amount of auto insurance, the latest data suggests that the number of auto insurances has increased significantly in 2017.

The number of claims registered for auto insurers has risen from 1,542 in 2017 to 2,788 in 2018, the data indicates.

But as the data suggests, the number is rising much faster than the number insured.

Auto insurance claims for the next six months are expected at 1,600, up from 925 in 2018.

According to the latest survey by the Insurance Institute of India (IIMI), the number auto insurance claims have grown at a rapid rate in 2017 and 2018.

IIMI says that out of the 3,638 auto insurance complaints it has received, 1,639 of them were for auto damage and 1,907 for auto accidents.

While the percentage of auto damage claims in 2017 stood at 10.5%, the percentage in 2018 stood at 23.2%.

IIMI expects the number for auto accident claims to increase to 28.3% in the next year, up 10.3 percentage points from the year before.

IIM believes that the increase will help in the government’s efforts to make auto insurance affordable and affordable to everyone.

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