How to get a Tesla car calculator

The Tesla carmaker, which has been plagued by production issues, is going to offer an interactive calculator that lets you compare its latest models.

The new Tesla calculator, which will be available on the company’s website, is an update to the one released earlier this year, when Tesla had to delay some production dates to accommodate the arrival of a new batch of Model 3s.

The calculator is a collaboration between the company and a number of academic institutions and universities, including Stanford, the University of Michigan, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University at Buffalo.

Tesla has been struggling with a shortage of Model S and Model X cars, as it struggles to satisfy customers who want to drive the Model 3 and Model 4 electric cars.

Last year, Tesla announced it would be producing around 1,500 cars a week, less than half of the company planned.

Tesla currently has only 2,000 of its 1,600 vehicles available for sale.

“Tesla has always had a tight schedule and this schedule was a result of a rigorous manufacturing schedule,” Tesla Chief Operating Officer JB Straubel said in a statement.

“We now have a much more flexible schedule that can meet the increasing demand.”

The calculator was first revealed by Straubels company, the Autodesk-led Autodesck, which is a collaborative effort between Autodesks, Autodeslabs and Google.

Tesla will also be offering an expanded version of its website, which allows users to see how much of a certain car they own.

The new calculator will show a comparison of the Model S sedan and Model 3 sedan, the only two new cars that Tesla has produced.

The company also revealed that it will be offering its own video conference call with customers about the upcoming Model 3 cars.

Tesla is offering this call for two hours on Tuesday, March 1.

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