‘Supercars’ are in for a big upgrade with the addition of ‘Nash Cars’

The next generation of “supercars” are coming to Canada, and it’s time for a new breed of automaker to take the wheel.

The next generation has long been the province’s automotive industry dream, but with the end of the auto manufacturing boom and a number of new entrants coming onto the scene, the future of Canada’s automotive industries is set to be defined by the arrival of a new generation of supercars.

The concept of a “supercar” is still a very long way off, but there are plenty of new concepts coming to market in the coming months.

The newest to come to the market are the “Nash” cars, which are expected to be unveiled in the spring of 2019.

The car that will be the inspiration for these vehicles is the Nash Nova Scotian.

The Nova Scotians will be a crossover model that features two engines, one turbocharged and one diesel, along with a manual transmission and an electric motor.

A new rear suspension will also be introduced to help control the vehicle’s handling.

The Nova Scotias production is expected to start in the fall of 2019, and will include the first Nova Scotia.

The vehicles will be sold in Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

The models will be built by a North American manufacturer, and should be able to compete with models from the likes of BMW and Mercedes Benz.

There is one thing that is not expected to change: the price tag.

The NSX Nova Scotia has a starting price of $1,600,000, and the NSX is the only one of the four models that will feature an all-wheel drive system.

The rest of the Nova Scotiae models are expected cost around $2,000 per unit.

While the Nova Scotia’s NSX and NSX-N are the only cars that will have the same powertrain as the Nova Nova Scotia, there are some interesting options for potential buyers.

The “Namco Nova Scotia” model, for example, is a crossover that has a four-cylinder engine in the front, four-speed automatic transmission in the back, and a six-speed manual transmission in a front wheel drive configuration.

It also has a 3.7 liter V8 that produces 350 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque.

The other three models that have been rumored to be coming to North America include the “Super Nova Scotia,” which is an all wheel drive model, the “Bristol Nova Scotia”, which is a manual rear-wheel-drive vehicle, and “Tasmania Nova Scotia.”

The Bristol Nova Scotia will feature a six cylinder engine in front and a four speed manual transmission, and also will feature the NovaScotia nameplate.

The Bristol Nova Scotial will feature two engine options: an inline four with a twin-turbocharged, five-speed transmission, or an inline six with a turbocharged, six-spoke transmission.

The “Super Scotia” will come with a six speed manual, but the Nova’s will feature three different transmission configurations: an automatic, a four cylinder, and an all electric.

The latter will be available with a four lane supercharging system and will cost $4,995.

The price tag for the Nova will be around $4.5 million, but this should include a new engine as well.

The price of the “TAS” Nova Scotia is $5.5M, and if the Nova is a bit cheaper it could come with four electric motors or four diesel motors.

The prices for all of the other Nova Scotia models are unknown.

In terms of the styling, the Nova has a number the look similar to that of the Ford Focus RS.

The front of the vehicle features a red stripe, and two large white stripes on the sides.

The rear of the car has a white stripe, white stripe in the middle, and black stripe on the roof.

There are also a couple of white stripes at the rear of each side window.

The Nissan logo will also appear at the top of the rear wing.

Nash Nova Scotia looks to be a pretty radical design for a crossover, and one that will certainly be a popular option for North Americans.

There is no word on when the cars will be ready to go into production, but it seems unlikely that the cars would be available until after the 2019 model year.

The future of Canadian supercars could be very exciting indeed.

The North American market is expected soon to be very different from that of Canada, which will be looking to ramp up production.

That being said, the upcoming introduction of new supercars in North America could be the best part of the 2020 for North American supercar enthusiasts.

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