How to get your Kia Sonata to drive itself with a $15,000 Porsche 918 Spyder

Volkswagen has been working on an autonomous car that can drive itself from San Francisco to Seattle, and now it’s been getting a little more specific.

Volkswagen says its new autonomous technology, called Kaiser, is capable of “driving” on roads where it can’t drive itself.

The automaker is using the Tesla Model S and its Model X SUV as models.

While the Model S will still be able to drive on its own, the company is planning to use Kaiser to test a new system that it says will allow the vehicle to operate in different conditions.

Volkswagen’s Kaiser system would work on roads with traffic signals and other signs.

The system could be able, for example, to drive a car off the road if the driver doesn’t want to slow down and keep the car on the road, or to stop the car to let it drive a longer distance, the automaker said.

The carmaker also plans to use its new technology in an autonomous mode, or “steering,” that could allow the car’s steering wheel and pedals to be moved manually and the car itself to operate automatically.

Volkswagen also said it will also be using Kaiser in autonomous mode on roads without traffic lights, and in a future version of the Model 3, with the option to “steer” on some of the more heavily trafficked roads.

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