How to get your car emblems to look like the German ones

It’s not the first time that German car makers have tried to mimic their American counterparts.

After World War II, many automakers started using American-style stripes to highlight the body of their cars.

They also made sure to paint the back of their vehicles in red, white and blue.

And when the U.S. automotive industry was growing in the 1970s, the German automobile industry was still trying to catch up.

In 1975, German carmaker Daimler-Benz introduced the Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan.

A few years later, Mercedes introduced its iconic M-Class.

“It was very easy for us to replicate what the Americans were doing,” said Mercedes-AMG marketing director Andreas Schmidt.

“The M-Series is a very unique car.

We tried to create something that was like an American M. We also tried to make the S-Series look like an M-class.

We wanted it to have a lot of character.”

A few months after Mercedes’ S-class debuted, BMW introduced the M3, the first M car in the U, but it was soon replaced by the M4.

The German car industry also took inspiration from the American auto industry, with many companies copying the look of their American competitors.

The Mercedes-Maybach brand is famous for its blue interior, but the German brand also uses similar blue stripes to create its vehicles.

In the U., the Daimlers-Benz Daimlescar, the brand’s flagship model, is a direct descendant of the American Chrysler-Daimler.

Schmidt said he wanted to create an “American-style” vehicle to match the car of the same name.

He said the Germans were able to produce the car that is now the most popular and successful model in Germany.

The car’s distinctive look is one of the most recognizable elements of the brand, but its styling is not exclusive to Mercedes-AMS.

The car’s exterior design is also influenced by its American counterpart.

Mercedes-Amos cars are sometimes dubbed the “American Daimlarscar” because the exterior is inspired by the American design of the car.

The “D” is a German letter, which stands for “Daimlared,” which stands of the D-type.

The color of the interior is also inspired by American design.

The colors of the doors, which are often blue, red and white, are also based on the American color palette.

A distinctive red stripe running the length of the door frame is also based in part on the red and blue stripes used in the American automotive industry. 

The color scheme of the S, M and X-series cars are also inspired in part by American designs.

The red, black and white stripes used on the sides of the cars are almost the same as the red, gold and white stripe on the door frames.

In addition to the car, the Mercedes car company also has a number of other Mercedes-related products.

The Daimelscar, a sports car, is the first in the Mercedes line, but they also have a limited-edition Daimlscar E-class sedan.

And the Mercedes Daimlensteuer-Benz is a sporty sports sedan.

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