How to save $1 million in your car insurance premiums

A car insurance company has warned customers not to pay for a $1,500 car insurance policy because of the risk of a collision.

The insurance company in question is Honda Americas and it has launched a new website which gives customers the option to pay the extra money by using a credit card.

On the new site, the company says the policy costs $1.00 for every $100 covered and if you are eligible for a refund of the extra amount, you can get it for free.

The credit card link can be found on the top of the page, while the site does not tell you how to use the credit card to do so.

The new website is designed to offer consumers the option of saving up to $1m in the event of a serious collision, according to the company.

The company says if you choose to pay by credit card, you will be able to do this through the cardholder agreement.

The website says the amount of money you can put into the card for a collision claim is based on the value of your vehicle and your insurance.

If you don’t have any insurance and you are insured by a car insurer, the insurance company will pay the excess of the difference between the value and your vehicle coverage.

If you do have car insurance and the insurance does not cover you, the car insurance will cover you for the difference.

Honda Americas says it is not a dealer and that it will not be contacting consumers directly.

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