How to pronounce Delorean car’s name and make it rhyme

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Delorean is a very popular automobile brand in the United States, and it’s the name of the latest Delorean model.

It was introduced in 2016 and was named after the iconic car from the 1980s TV series.

Now, it’s been renamed Delorean after a former CEO, Richard D. Delano, who died in January 2018.

That’s not an uncommon name for a brand, but it’s not something you usually hear from a name like Delorean, says Dan Auerbach, senior vice president of automotive and design at Lexus, one of the top automakers in the world.

It’s more of a homage to an old character or an idea, or something that comes to mind when you hear that name, he says.

Lexus says that the name Delorean was chosen for its versatility, its appeal to both younger and older customers, and its similarity to the Delorean.

Deloans are among the most popular cars in the U.S., and the brand was a key selling point for the Lexus brand, which also includes the new Lexus ES 350 and ES 450 SUVs.

So the brand has been a big name in the car world for a long time, but the name itself is really not a great fit, Auerbert says.

“It’s not a car that we think people are going to want to own or want to be part of their lives,” he says, but he’s willing to see the brand continue to evolve and grow.

And the company is keeping a close eye on the Deloas name, which has had more than 50 different names, from the 1960s Deloan to the 1990s Delorean to the 2018 Deloane.

Lexuses name has been in play for a while, but Auerbuch says it’s now been updated for the Deloreans era, which began in 2020.

That means the Delosans name is being expanded to include other models, too, such as the new 2018 Lexus LS550, which will have a more futuristic look.

“I think people understand it is the future, and they are more accepting of it,” he explains.

The brand has a long history of cars that are named after popular figures and symbols, including the iconic Delorean and the famous Ford Mustang.

“They just feel like a brand with a long legacy, and the Delouas are a very important part of that legacy,” Auerbauch says.

That legacy includes Deloins beloved cars, such the Delooans and the Porsches of the world, he adds.

Auerbas has seen some changes to the name over the years.

“We have had a lot of different people take over for a few years now,” he notes.

And even though the name has changed, the company has kept a tight grip on the name, according to Auerbinbach.

“For a brand that is in its 60s, it is not an easy name to change, so we have been really, really supportive of it.”

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