How to build a Lexus car in 3D

Lexus has released a video that shows how it’s possible to build an affordable, electric car using a 3D printer.

The video, called Lexus Supercharged, is a three-minute introduction to a car built with the new Autopilot system.

In the video, a team of Lexus engineers demonstrates how to build the car using the Autopilots 3D printing technology, which lets drivers select the engine type, the wheels and tires they want, and even the body color.

Lexus also shows how the car can be modified to suit your preferences.

The video shows the process of creating a LexuS, which is a hybrid car.

The company says the car is a “fully self-driving, fully electric vehicle.”

This means that the Lexus will drive itself, but the driver will be able to control the vehicle using their own hands or the steering wheel.

Lexis also claims that the car will be “less than three meters (8 feet) tall.”

Here’s how it works: The Lexus 3D printed the chassis, which includes the wheels, tires and steering wheel, in a 3-D printer, then took the printed components and assembled them into a “machined body.”

The 3D printable parts were then bolted together using the 3D Printed Motor, which turns the motors into a part, which the Lexis engineers say is then mounted onto the car.

Once assembled, the parts are then tested for safety and reliability before they’re shipped to a customer for testing.

Lexus claims the Lexu S is less than three metres tall, which means it will be less than 3 meters tall.

It also says that the vehicle will have a range of up to 30 kilometers (18 miles), though that range will depend on the specific car, and on the driver’s preferences.

The car is expected to hit the road in 2018, so we will have to wait and see if the cars performance is up to the standards expected by automakers.

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