Which Honda cars are the best in the world?

It’s a question that gets asked by millions of car owners, but is often answered by asking how well each car is equipped for the road.

But, to find out the answer, you need to look at the specifications of each vehicle, as well as its capabilities.

Here are our Top 5 picks for the world’s best automobiles.1.

Honda Civic Type R with manual transmission.

The Type R is the most popular Honda Civic model of all time, and its performance is legendary.

Its compact styling and easy-to-drive drive have made it a staple in motoring circles.

This is the only car in our top 10 with a manual transmission and a range of all-wheel drive options, so it’s well suited for most daily driving.

It’s also the most fuel efficient model, with a claimed range of 300 kilometres (185 miles).2.

Honda Accord Type R, with two-door, V6 engine.

It might not look like much on paper, but this Accord is capable of handling any traffic conditions.

Its high-quality engine, along with the Civic’s all-aluminum body and cabin, mean it’s perfect for long, steady-state driving.

Its four-cylinder petrol engine produces a powerful 1,500hp (929kg) at 5,400rpm, and can be turbocharged to 6,000rpm.

It has a range-topping 0-60mph time of just 4.8 seconds, which is excellent for a compact sedan.3.

Honda CR-V.

This sports car has a small, sleek body, but it has some real muscle.

Its 2.0-litre, petrol engine, with its turbocharged 1,800hp (1,732kg) engine, is capable to do the job for a distance of up to 80 kilometres (50 miles).

It has the most power and torque of any Honda sedan, and it’s rated at 190km/h (130mph) on the highway.4.

BMW X6M with six-speed manual transmission, electric power steering and electronic stability control.

The BMW X4 M is an incredible sporty sedan.

Its styling, size and speed make it perfect for those who prefer a small car to a big SUV.

It features a five-speed automatic transmission and six-wheel electric power-steering, which can be set to three modes.

The three-wheeler offers a more natural feeling, and the automatic is a lot less aggressive than the manual.

It can be fitted with heated seats and is capable off-road.5.

BMW i3 with four-door hatchback.

BMW’s flagship sporty car has been around for over 20 years, and for good reason.

Its distinctive design and muscular stance mean it’ll fit in most people’s hands, even those with bigger hands.

Its three-door Hatchback is available in two versions: one with an all-new, six-cyl and six,000-horsepower engine, and another with a two-cyl turbocharged four-stroke.

It is also equipped with electric power drive, and is rated at 220km/s (120mph).6.

Honda Fit.

Honda’s first crossover car was the Fit in 1988.

Its aerodynamic design and fuel efficiency made it one of the first crossover vehicles in the global market, and was praised by the world media for its comfort and ease of use.

The Fit was designed for everyday use and is a great choice for people who don’t have much time to spend on the road, and are looking for a sporty vehicle.

Its all-season tyres offer great grip and traction, and Honda has made the vehicle even more powerful with its two-liter four-valve engine.7.

BMW M3 with six, turbocharged 2.5-litres petrol engine.

The M3 is BMW’s most popular car, and has been in production for nearly 20 years.

Its sleek styling and impressive power have made this car a great performer, but the company also wanted to make it as affordable as possible, and so it has put its most powerful engine in a sportier hatchback version.

It also features an all wheel drive option and comes with electric, torque-vectoring, and brake-dependent driving modes.

It comes with heated and ventilated seats and has a top speed of 205km/0-62mph (120km/mph).8.

Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Mitsubsumi Eclipse has a sportiness that goes well with the Japanese culture, and that’s what makes it so popular.

The vehicle’s compact design, large proportions and all-electric drivetrain make it a great driver’s car for everyday driving.

The four-wheel-drive system has been enhanced with a six-speaker audio system that can be adjusted from the driver’s seat, and there’s even a driver-assist steering system.9.

Audi Q5.

Audi’s latest model has been developed to replace the

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