The ‘good ol’ days’ of Ford cars

The good ol’ Ford Motor Company, the world’s largest automobile maker, has a new owner.

The new owner is a Chinese company called Sino-Ford Motor Company (SFMC), which is planning to expand its Ford Motor division and invest in new vehicles.

The company is expected to announce its first vehicle on July 14.

The announcement comes less than a week after Ford announced that it will sell its auto business to a new Chinese company.

In July, Ford announced it was selling the auto business and plans to use the proceeds to invest in “automotive technologies, including advanced battery technologies, autonomous driving, and driver assistance.”

SFMC is reportedly worth $8 billion.

Ford is also working on developing new cars.

It has a partnership with Chinese automaker BYD, and is also developing electric vehicles, including an SUV called the EcoSport.

SFMC’s first vehicle, the F-150 pickup, was first introduced in 2002.

Ford announced in October that it would acquire Sino Ford for $3.5 billion.

The deal is expected have a positive impact on Ford’s financials.

It is not clear if Ford will sell the F150.

The F-series pickup is currently the most popular pickup in the U.S., with Ford selling nearly 6 million of the trucks a year.

The Sino car is expected bring Ford back into the luxury category, as it can offer a more affordable, but still luxurious, vehicle.

SFMCT has also worked with Ford on developing a plug-in hybrid car called the Energi.

The car is estimated to be priced around $35,000.

SFMs SUV is rumored to be called the F650.

Sino also has a long history in developing advanced electric cars, including a car known as the Tesla Roadster.

Tesla has announced that its electric vehicles are designed for “high-performance driving, with the capability to go more than 2,500 miles on a charge,” and that its battery technology is “more than 40 percent lighter than conventional gasoline engines.”

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