How to get your vehicle fixed before the winter storms hit

The winter storms will likely bring snow to many parts of the country, and the road system is already being impacted.

Here are some things to know before the storms hit.


The storm is expected to bring up to 8 inches of snow to some parts of western Texas and eastern Oklahoma.

There is also some snow to fall in parts of Louisiana and Alabama.


There could be heavy snow and freezing rain in some areas.


Weather could also bring down trees and power lines in some parts.


The first of the winter storm season’s first days will be Monday, April 14.

That means most of the Northeast and Midwest will see snow on Monday, but snow could fall in areas farther north, including parts of New England and parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin.


The National Weather Service issued a snow advisory for the following areas on Monday.

Weather conditions in the Atlanta area could be snowy.

Weather warnings could be issued for the New York City metropolitan area and parts and parts in the Midwest.

Snow could fall on parts of South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama Monday.


The snow is expected in much of central and southern Louisiana, particularly parts of Orleans Parish, New Orleans and the Lake Charles area.


The forecast for the Dakotas is expected by the afternoon on Monday to be sunny and windy with rain.


Parts of the Plains will see a mix of light and heavy snow Monday.

The heaviest snow is forecast for Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas.


Parts in the Plains could see more than 10 inches of ice Monday, which is possible in the mid-Atlantic region.

Snowfall totals could be as much as 10 to 15 inches in parts, and up to 4 to 5 inches in some places.


Some areas could see heavy snow on Tuesday.


Parts on the eastern seaboard could see snow Tuesday.


The weather system could bring wind and rain to parts of northern Minnesota and southern Wisconsin Tuesday.


Parts near Chicago could see light to moderate snow Tuesday and Wednesday, and heavy flakes in the northern part of the city Wednesday.


Parts along the coast could see some rain Wednesday.


Parts farther north on the coast of Alaska could see rain Wednesday and into Thursday.


Parts closer to the Great Lakes and the Canadian Arctic may see a few inches of rain Wednesday evening.


Parts north of the Great Plains may see light rain Wednesday, but the storm is likely to turn south.

Weather forecasts for parts of Texas and Oklahoma Wednesday night through Thursday morning could be more favorable.


Parts west of the Rockies will get a lot of rain, with up to 12 inches expected.


Parts south of the Rocky Mountains could see about 8 inches, but much of the snow will fall in the southern part of those areas.


Parts to the west of Kansas City may see heavy rain Wednesday night and into early Thursday.


Parts east of St. Louis could get as much snow Wednesday night, with some areas getting as much up to 15 feet.


Parts southeast of St Louis could see a lot more snow Wednesday, with parts getting as high as 11 feet.


Parts further north on Wednesday night will see light snow Wednesday.


Parts downwind of the Dakotic River in northern Iowa could get a little bit of rain.


Parts off the coast may get heavy rain.


Parts inland in Florida could get up to 10 inches, and parts west of Tampa could see up to 7 feet.


Parts southwest of Orlando could see 4 to 8 feet of rain Thursday night.


Parts northeast of Chicago could get light to heavy snow Thursday, with the heaviest falling in parts around the downtown area and along the lakefront.


Parts far north of Boston could see as much to as 6 inches of heavy snow.


Parts a little farther north and further south on Wednesday could see 8 to 12 feet of snow.


Parts just off the south coast of Florida may get a few more inches of rainfall Wednesday night.


Parts over the Gulf of Mexico may get more rain Wednesday through Thursday.


Parts about 30 miles from the coast to the northwest of the Gulf Coast may see some heavy rain Thursday.


Parts well inland along the Atlantic coast could get snow Thursday.


Parts upriver from the Gulf will get heavy snow Wednesday through Friday.


Parts around the Atlantic and Gulf coasts could see the heaviest snow Thursday night through Friday morning.


Parts northwest of Orlando may see more snow Thursday than the rest of Florida, with a few areas seeing up to 6 inches.


Parts from the Atlantic to the Florida Panhandle may see about 7 to 10 feet of light snow Thursday through Friday night.


Parts all the way to the Canadian border could see 3 to 4 feet of heavy rain Friday.


Parts close to the Atlantic will get more snow Friday through Saturday.


Parts across

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