Which is better for car ownership: The Saab Car Registry or the Automobile Association of Canada?

When the Saab Automobile Registry opened its doors, it had already raised $5.6 million to buy cars and add to its fleet.

Now, the car association has announced plans to raise $25 million to expand its business, but a new study suggests that the Saabs best bet for building a loyal following is with a new online platform that allows anyone to register a car.

The Automobile Associations (AAC) of Canada said it will be the “first Canadian automotive registration site” in Canada.

The group’s president, Robert Seddon, said the new site will let people “sign up, sign up, and buy” a car on the same website they currently use to buy a car from a dealership.

The registration site will be a one-stop shop for car owners looking to purchase a new or used Saab, as well as a place to buy, swap and transfer their Saabs, he said.

Seddon said the site will allow anyone to sign up for a car and be able to track their purchase history, check out the latest news and information, and sign up to join a new Saab family.

Sometime in 2018, the site is expected to be available on an Apple App for iPhones, Android, and Windows devices.

Suddons company is an affiliate of the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association, which has a presence in Canada as well.

The association’s website states it is the largest national organization for car dealerships in North America.

It is not affiliated with Saab’s parent company, Saab Cars North America, which is owned by Swedish car manufacturer Volvo.

Saskatchewan’s Automobile Owners Association has also endorsed the Saavas new registration site, saying it is an “extremely valuable tool for people looking to buy or trade their own Saab”.

The association said it plans to “be an online hub for car buyers, enthusiasts, and dealers to quickly and easily buy, trade, and transfer a Saab.”

It’s not the first time Saabs registration has attracted attention from the public.

The company has had a contentious relationship with the Canadian Motor Vehicle Association (CMVA) since a dispute over a new car registration site sparked public outrage in 2011.

In November of that year, a complaint was filed against the company by the CMVA’s general manager, Mark Worsley.

The complaint alleged the company had been “repeatedly misusing the CMSA’s database to target drivers and to promote the ownership of vehicles that are not properly registered”.

Seddons response to the complaint, which included a request for an investigation, was ignored.

The CMVA said at the time it was satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, but the complaint has since been withdrawn.

The automaker has also faced criticism for using the CMVAs database to promote its new registration.

Sudha Bhatnagar, director of communications for the CMVEA, said in November 2015 that the association was not aware of the car registry until it received a complaint from the Saaveda Car Club in June of that same year.

She said the CMVCA was aware of Saavab and the Saaves website when it opened its door.

Siddons response has also been rejected by the group, which said it was a “complete and utter falsehood” that the CMVPA had been in communication with the automaker.

The car association said in its announcement of the new registration, that it will “make the registration process as easy as possible for new and existing Saavans owners to find a new, used or registered Saab that meets their needs”.

The new registration also includes a “free mobile phone app”, which the group said will let users “signup, signup, and purchase” a Saavag.

The app will let Saavabs owners register their cars “as quickly and conveniently as possible”, it added.

The new Saavass is set to launch in late October.

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