‘The Misfits’ is the new rock group in the NFL: The Wall Street Journal

By MICHAEL LEVINAPA | USA TODAY Sports”The Middies,” a group of young rock musicians from the Midwest, is set to launch a new studio album on March 14.

The group is making a comeback after a four-year hiatus, and the group, known as the “Misfits,” has been working on the album in New York City and is scheduled to record on March 7 in Los Angeles.

They will debut their new album on the same day that the Minnesota Vikings play the New York Giants at Metropolis Stadium.

The band, which was formed in 2003 and began touring in 2012, is expected to have a strong following in the Minnesota area.

The group includes guitarist-singer Carin Middie (Gorillaz), who has worked with other Minnesota artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The White Stripes.

Middie is a member of a group that includes guitarist Matt Fondren, who is the lead singer of the band’s most recent album, “The Midsummer War.”

Fonden and Middee co-produced a new song, “Don’t Look Back,” on the bands previous album, 2015’s “The Fall.”

The song was produced by Midde’s longtime friend and collaborator, guitarist Jason Besser.

The Miders are set to release their first album on April 7.

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