When Your Car is Killing You: What You Need to Know About Automobile Insurance Coverage

You know you’re getting into a car accident when you hear a familiar sound, the crackling of tires and the sudden noise of the engine revving.

You think the vehicle has stopped for a repair or the engine is running low on fuel.

Then you realize that the car is about to collide with a car, and you’re about to die.

If your car is not insured, you might not know exactly what to do to protect yourself and your family from an accident, according to a new study from The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

“I don’t know how to be a responsible driver,” said Lisa McVey, who was among the nearly 300 people who took the survey.

“You have to understand that this is a very serious situation, and if you don’t understand that, you are going to be in a really bad situation.”

“The insurance industry is taking risks with the auto insurance industry,” said Daniel Fazio, the study’s author.

I don´t know how in the world can I have a good car without the car insurance industry taking risks?

Lisa Mcvey, a 23-year-old driver in Ohio, says she doesn’t understand how in a car insurance policy, she can be responsible without the insurance company.

“The insurance company is taking the risk,” McVay said.

“But that means I’m not really responsible.”

The study found that while nearly one in five Americans have some type of auto insurance, less than one in six of them know that they are eligible for auto insurance.

In the survey, respondents also were asked what type of car insurance they had purchased.

Of those who had purchased auto insurance through their employer, more than two-thirds said they did not know if they had coverage, including some who said they didn’t know if it was covered or not.

And only half of the respondents said they had read the details of their auto insurance policies.

The study also found that more than a third of those surveyed said they have paid out more than $1,000 to insure their own vehicle.

As the study states, the average American family is insured for $5,000, which is roughly $25,000 per year.

But insurance companies can’t afford to pay out the full cost of their claims, so most Americans are left with significant out-of-pocket expenses, such as medical bills, insurance deductible and car repairs, Fazie said.

That means that the average family with a vehicle is on the hook for over $200,000 in claims, according the study.

Some insurers may be hesitant to cover claims that exceed a certain amount because they are worried about losing their business, McVie said, adding that many companies have policies that require coverage that is higher than the amount of their losses.

McVey and her family are not alone in their struggles.

In the United States, nearly 30 percent of people have no vehicle insurance, according an analysis by the Pew Charitable Trusts.

Other countries, such in France, Denmark and Spain, also have higher uninsured rates than the United Kingdom, the United State, Ireland, Germany, Australia and Canada.

“In the United states, insurance companies have to cover the whole loss, but they can’t cover the entire cost,” Fazios said.

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